About GSD

Gratton Elementary and Gratton Charter

In 2008, Gratton Charter School was formed. In every classroom, students enrolled in the charter learn alongside students who live in the district. Students participate in a variety of programs that Gratton School District offers. In addition to instruction in the core subjects, students participate in the fine arts program, including two productions each year, the competitive sports program and the agricultural program by participating in the school garden.

  • Gratton serves 46 students who live in the district
  • 94 students who live outside of the district
Gratton continues to enjoy a lengthy waiting list of families wishing for their children to attend. Gratton School District remains one of the smallest school districts in Stanislaus County.


Recent improvements to the campus include the construction of a play structure for the kindergarten through third grades. Each class, first through eighth, contains a mobile lab with 17 laptops. Our garden has a chicken coop and students have eggs available for purchase. The process has begun to consolidate our library by providing digital resources. A STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) lab is being created as the library and original computer lab condenses. Long term future plans include replacing two portable classrooms with a permanent structure. All facilities are monitored and checked monthly for safety and repairs are made regularly.


Gratton School District has made many changes through the years to protect the safety of the students. Fences around the school were raised and gates are locked during school hours. All visitors must check in at the front office. The staff has completed formal safety training for everything from a natural disasters to planned and unplanned lock downs. The district practices safety drills monthly.

Release time for all students is at 2:20 with the exception of the occasional minimum days when the release time is 11:30. Students are picked up in an orderly fashion at the curb in front of the office. One line of traffic is used to prevent students from crossing traffic in the parking lot. The average pick up time lasts until 2:30. The district thanks the community for their patience at the intersection and their cooperation with keeping students safe during the 10 minute pick up time each day.


The district's revenue is calculated by the new state Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). This formula consists of a base amount per student and additional supplemental grants based on the district population of English learners and students from lower socio economic households. Due to the low English Learner population and the lower socioeconomic count, Gratton receives minimal supplemental funding and does not receive any concentration grants. The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), or Strategic Plan, lists goals for the district in all areas and allocates funding to achieve these goals with a focus on closing the achievement gap. Gratton School District will end the 2016-2017 school year in the positive. The district's reserves are healthy and, through the LCAP, are designated for specific future projects and goals.


All classrooms are equipped with state of the art Smart Boards, projectors, and document cameras. Grades one through eight each have their own mobile lab with 17 laptops which provides a device for each student.