Programs and Curriculum

Each classroom at Gratton has an average of 15 students. Although classrooms are self-contained through sixth grade, many subjects such as physical education, fine arts, reading buddies, gardening, leadership, competitive sports, and special projects are taught in a multi-graded setting. All students participate in the fine arts program of chorus and drama with fifth through eighth grade students additionally participating in band. All students in fifth through eighth grade also participate in competitive sports. Students in seventh and eighth grades rotate between two junior high teachers for different subjects. For students who struggle, the district implements a Response to Intervention program. With the average classroom size of 15, teachers are able to effectively identify and assess students who need intervention and apply targeted strategies effectively and more readily.

Gratton is making steady progress consistently implementing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) activities throughout the year to promote critical thinking. The key focus is integration of all subjects while working in groups as well as individually to complete a task or solve a problem. Providing trial and error experiences are essential to exercise and improve critical thinking skills. Equally important is systematic direct instruction to provide the foundational skills that can then be applied to problem solving and critical thinking. Full STEAM ahead!


Gratton students took the computer-based state testing last spring. Gratton students far exceeded the state and county with the number of students meeting or exceeding the standard for both language arts and math. A new Academic Performance Index (API) will be created and reported by the state to compare scores in the near future. In addition to basic skills, task performance, problem solving, and critical thinking skills have been integrated into the computer-based assessments. The integration of these elements brings challenges that re addressed in the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).

Evidence of a strong core program as well as benefits from the performing arts can be seen with the confidence and achievement of the students. Students at Gratton have won regional and state awards in many areas. This year, there were eight regional winners for the "Imagine this..." writing contest sponsored by California Agriculture in the Classroom. Out of the eight, two went on to win the state competition. The seventh grade won the Northern California section of  the "Future City" Competition and went on to represent the nation in Washington DC. Throughout the year, students compete in the local "Literary Conference," as well as the Parent Teacher Club sponsored Annual Spelling Bee and Speech Meet. Gratton is a small school but is large in its achievements!