Arts & Sports

Performing Arts program

The mission of the Gratton School Music Program is to expose students to a variety of performing arts and to provide an atmosphere where students can be successful in learning performance skills.  Music and drama are enriching components of a comprehensive education and contribute to creating a well-rounded student.  Participation in performing arts fosters self-confidence, speaking and presentation skills that will span performance in all subjects.
The Gratton School Performing Arts Program consists of vocal music, instrumental music, and theatre arts.  From kindergarten to eighth grade, students are exposed to many levels of performance skills.  The vocal program at Gratton includes every student from kindergarten to eighth grade, and result in two to three productions per year.  Students begin the instrumental program in fourth grade with the recorder, then all students from fifth to eighth grade are part of the Wildcat Band Program.  Theatre arts is taught mostly as an optional program.  Students who audition for solo parts are involved in a more rigorous after-school program, including acting, singing, and backstage internships such as sound technicians, stage crew, and assistant director.  


sports program 

The mission of the Competitive Sports Program is to expose students to a variety of the skills necessary to work as a team to accomplish a common goal.   Cooperation and functioning within group dynamics are skills that are necessary to be productive in today’s work force as well as the self-confidence that is gained through mastering these skills.  Participation in team sports is an excellent way to obtain these skills while having fun.